Casino Royale Party Ideas

Host the ultimate casino royale party with your friends, try a hand at roulette, bring some thrill and glamour, and create a famous James Bond casino scene in your home. Invite even your frenemies for some scandals and intrigue. It’s not about how many jackpots you will win but how many memories you will create.

From the luxury of Las Vegas to the classy style of Monte Carlo, a casino-themed party can be a magnificent way to celebrate any formal kind of event. Here are some tips on how to create a thrilling setting and atmosphere reminiscent of Vegas while offering a buffet that add to the overall setting as well as games and activities that will make your guests enjoy the party to the fullest.

Create a Casino Room

Create a Casino Room

Determine the place in your apartment or a house that is appropriate for this kind of party with enough space for your guests to circulate, space for the tables for games, as well as for the buffet. Go for finger food as it will allow guests to mingle easier and move around the room while eating whatever they want.

Aside from table games, make sure there are some other games too, and get the dealer located at each table. Install laptops that will enable your guests to try live games. Decide whether you are going to use fake casino chips, real money, or maybe the money designed specially for this occasion with your own picture on it.


There are so many options to go for in order to create some original and fun invitations. DIY is always fun if you have time for it. Take a look at thousands of Pinterest ideas. You could have a poker theme for them, or bingo, or whichever games you are going to play at the party, and these are very easy to create yourself.

You can use some of the legendary James Bond images or just make a black and white invitation, decorated with a pinch of red. The font should be simple but elegant.

Casino Royale Party Styling

Casino Royale Party Styling

This is a great opportunity to not just show up but rather, to show off. A Casino Royale party is an excellent way to gather your dearest people for a night of looking good and playing casino games. Everybody has a glamorous dress or tuxedo they are not able to wear frequently. 

The classic James Bond tuxedo is a must for men. You have many choices such as a vintage tux in Roger Moore style or an immortal black suit with a pleated shirt. If you think you can’t stick to classic style, a white casino jacket will do the job.

Even if glitz and glamour is not your personal style, this time, you will make an exception. As for the ladies, the more glamorous, the better! Think cocktail dresses, boas, and lots of sparkles.

Food, Drink, and Decorations

Food, Drink, and Decorations

Decorate your party room in Casino Royale style. Use colors like white, gold, red, and black. Pick from some of many various ideas from online sites and Pinterest or Etsy. Cover large boxes in black, red, or white and make them casino-dice-shaped.

At the entrance of the party room, have your guests walk on a red carpet and under a black or gold balloons archway or just decorate the doorway with dice-shaped balloons.

For the dining table, you will want to set casino cards. Attach your own mini dice or mini playing cards to it and make a big WOW effect.

Regarding the tableware, go for nice white china rimmed with sparkling gold or silver. As a table centerpiece, black gangsters’ hats turned upside down filled with bogus bills and glow jewelry will be an excellent idea. 

When it comes to beverages, champagne is always a great option. But here, we are for the indispensable signature drink, one of the most popular ones at the casino-themed parties. This recipe comes straight from the 1953 novel Casino Royale.

  • Gordon’s Gin — three measures
  • Vodka — one measure
  • Lillet (or dry vermouth) — half a measure 

Shake until it’s ice cold. Serve in a champagne goblet or martini glass with a slice of lemon 

Casino Games and Activities

Casino Games and Activities

We suggest you rent some casino equipment from local gaming operators. They will surely have setups for Roulette, Craps, or Blackjack. They may even offer you a list of available dealers you can hire to help you run the games. Otherwise, hire volunteers from your own circle of friends to manage the tables in shifts.

If you are hosting a fundraiser party, take advantage of the gambling theme and hold an auction at the end of the party. Set donated items and services up in a special room, marked with donors’ names. At a specified hour, stop the games, invite your guests for coffee and dessert, and hold your auction. Depending on the gifts’ value, you may want to encourage attendees to use their real-money winnings in order to participate in the bidding.

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