What to Wear in Vegas to Look Fabulous

During your stay in Vegas, be sure you will not easily put yourself at risk of being underdressed or undressed. Even if you end up on either side of the spectrum, nobody will notice. People in Pajamas and flip flops are also a familiar scene on the streets of Vegas.

Nonetheless, you will have to pay attention to what places request specific dress codes. Don’t try too hard to fit in, but rather aim to hit the sweet spot. 

Some venues with a high level of opulence strive towards maintaining their exclusivity and substantial luxury by enforcing dress codes. When visiting these places, like Hakkasan, Omnia, or 10AK, be sure to look up their dress code guidelines to abide by them.

What to Wear in a Casino?

Most of the time, it’s the instinct and the desire to wear certain clothes that make us fill our suitcase. However, most people’s instinct is not safe — the dress styles that we find in American casinos sometimes denote a certain lack of taste, and they often ignore fashion conventions. But that specific dress code is one of the little pleasures Las Vegas allows us to indulge in, and the charm of this city would not exist without it — an attraction in itself that makes us want to come back.

What to Wear in a Casino?

In casinos, during the day, the dress code for both women and men is casual. Everything should be neat and clear. In the evenings, the outfit should be more formal, but not too much. Flip-flops, shorts, and ripped jeans are not a suitable option. 

Dressing for fancy restaurants is pretty much the same as for the casino rooms, except you might want to look slightly dressed up. Regarding restaurants, the better ones usually have a business-casual dress code, which means long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and pressed jeans. Ladies are required to wear dresses they typically wear at social occasions like weddings, proms, or bachelorette parties.

What Can Men Wear In Las Vegas?

What Can Men Wear In Las Vegas?

Today, you will commonly see some T-shirts and baggy camo shorts on the streets of Las Vegas instead of sharkskin suits. However, regarding Las Vegas clothing style, the point is to find a happy medium — to keep yourself comfortable without sacrificing class. 

For daytime in casinos, opt for a casual but crisp style focused on darker colors. Go for selvage jeans paired with a button-down T-shirt in navy color, and break the monochromatic palette with brown leather sneakers. 

For mid-day exploring, go for a Mediterranean look with white canvas sneakers, a striped T-shirt, and a pair of aviators.

If you are enjoying a meal outside in the evening hours, try to keep up with summer vibes without neglecting comfort. Go for white jeans, a pair of bluchers, a tee, and a sweater.

And for a night out in a casino or a club, a suit or a double-breasted blazer, a white T-shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of loafers would be perfect. Finish the look with a leather belt matched with the color of your shoes. 

Dresses to Wear in Las Vegas

Dresses to Wear in Las Vegas

When it comes to female dress code for Las Vegas, there is more freedom than for men. The casinos’ or nightclub rules often aren’t directed at women since clubs are always on the lookout for good-looking ladies. But don’t mix looking good with over-sexualized attitude. Make sure your dress fits properly, that it covers the right places, and that it’s without any offensive logos or words. 

Finally, you are there to gamble and have fun, aren’t you? Going into a casino doesn’t mean you have to forget your personality and preferences. Always choose a trendy fashionista style rather than a bling-bling option. 

For a casino night out, we propose you put a pretty little black lace dress, not too low-cut, short, but not alluring, with a fake men’s blazer, a little too long and rolled up sleeves matched with a long fake pearl necklace! Otherwise, you can try out a black mini bandage dress, a sexy metallic deep V-neck cocktail dress, or a classic gold shimmer cocktail dress paired with stiletto shoes or heeled sandals.

For a fine dining evening, most of the establishments expect you to come well dressed. That is not mandatory, but treat this evening as a special occasion and wear a classy outfit. AS for more luxurious dining restaurants, formal attire is obliged, and nothing else is an option.

Packing For The Seasons

If you are planning your trip to Las Vegas, be aware that the weather will dictate the way you dress up. It’s a desert city, hot all year round. Although, it’s undoubtedly more tolerable in the winter season than in the middle of the summer, when the temperature can rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But be prepared for a chilly winter when the temperature can drop as low as 50 degrees. 

The hottest weather you can expect is in July, and the lowest temperature ever was registered in January. It can be cold, so don’t forget to pack long pants, a jacket, T-shirts, but also pool wear since this is still Vegas. 

If you plan to travel in summer, pack the usual summer clothes like flip-flops, jeans, shorts, sandals, light shirts, and blouses. Also, don’t forget sunscreen since, in Vegas, you can quickly burn from the desert sun. A sweatshirt is also indispensable, even during the hottest summer month since hotels are air-conditioned, so you might feel cold after coming from the outside. 

According to many travelers’ advice, April and October are the most pleasant months to visit Las Vegas, since they are breezy and warm.

In May, temperatures may go up to 80 Fahrenheit, so it’s not so terrible either. The hottest weather you can expect is in the first half of July. August is still hot, especially during the beginning of the month, but expect a slight temperature drop as September approaches.


What do people wear in Vegas in January?

January is the coldest month in Vegas. So bring your usual cold-weather clothing; also, don’t forget your swimsuit for indoor pool option!

What do people wear in Vegas in November?

November can be cold, but there is no need for snow boots or any heavy winter equipment. Just bring some clothes that can be worn in layers.

What do people wear in Vegas in April?

In April, wear light shirts, cotton dresses, sweaters, and some kind of shawl to wrap in during evenings out.

What guys should wear in Vegas?

Generally, it depends on the specific venue and time of the day. Regarding men’s fashion in Las Vegas, guys can practically wear everything as long as they complied with the casino dress code rules. However, more formal attires are passe-partout no matter which casino venue you choose.

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